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Here we go....

Halifax - Reykjavik Iceland Travel Day

overcast 12 °C

We are keeping our eye on the volcano that is erupting in Iceland.

Reykjavik is really on the other side of Iceland,from where the volcano is, so we are not expecting any delays in our travel plans.

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Day 1

Wow it's finally here...day 1 of our 210 day trip around the world.

overcast 15 °C


Steven and I are so excited and nervous....to finally be heading out on this amazing adventure. One that I know will test us on many levels. Don't worry, we have already made a pack that if our marriage completely goes "off the rail" we hope to stay friends...and finish the trip. HAHA!

The map on this page is of the first leg of our 20 country trip around the world. I like to call it an EarthTour because of all the hype around people signing up to go to Mars! This is strictly a tour of the plant Earth.

Anyway, I hope you like what you see. I will try to make notes each day and pass them on to you - notes that may help you plan your own adventure!

As I say, put it on your "don't buck it " list!!!!! ;o)

By the way....I choose a postcard theme since I do send lots of postcards our to friends and relatives...still!! Yep...ink on paper but I don't need to lick the stamps any more! Those were the good old days haha.

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Day 2 Reykjavik

We toured the city all day!

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It was wonderful to see all the back roads of Reykjavik.

Day 2

Day 2


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Day 2 Gone to Church

Reykjavik Iceland

rain 10 °C
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Steven and I pretty well spend the day looking around this perfectly groomed city.

My favorite part of the day was spending time at the Leuthran Church that the city is so well know for. The organ in has 5,275 pipes.
20140917_134547_LLS.jpg20140917_135053.jpg20140917_140725.jpgDay 2

Day 2

It was so moving to have this beautiful instrument sing to us.

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Day 2 More of the Hallgrímskirkja Church

More pictures of the Church

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Plus, a ceiling so high that the music just swirls around the pillars. Here's is what I saw there today.

20140917_141232.jpg I love how these sets can flip for viewing the front of the church during mass and then to the back when the organ is performing.

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Day 3 Tour Day ~ National Park Thingvellir

rain 10 °C
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This was a wonderful for us to do something we really love...hiking.



Such a beautiful peaceful place.


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