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Day 20 - Lourdes

sunny 22 °C

We spent a full day taking in Lourdes. It felt like such a sacred, holy place ---but there is a very commercial side.


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Day 19 - train to Lourdes ( the holy healing place)

sunny 23 °C

Well it was a really nice train ride -- we felt it was fast. When we arrived in Lourdes we found out that there was a pilgrimage in town ( funny to say that...like it's the "circus is in town". Put we did see a group with one person out front, holding a cross.... I told steven it was like a pub crawl only really holy. ;o0

Here is what was --- 20141004_171655.jpg20141004_165218.jpg20141004_160647.jpg20141004_122238.jpg20141004_152423.jpg20141004_152323.jpg

We were somewhat surprised at how commercialized it was . But really, the town only exists because of the Holy Grotto.

Only four sinners in Lourdes!!!

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Day 20 - Cauterets and a half hiking day

sunny 16 °C

20141005_160338.jpg20141005_155813.jpg20141005_155543.jpg20141005_154026.jpgThat_s_how.._really_is_.jpgCauterets feels much like Banff....surrounded by the big Pyrenees Mountain range. We had a nice walk though the town....I found some fresh Nougat candy. Then we did a half day hike to a beautiful lake that looked much like Lake Louise. For sure these lakes could be cousins!

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Day 21 - GR10 ~ Pyrneese

sunny 21 °C

What's not to love about these mountains....we could only imagine how the Tour De France guys feel pushing up this inclines.


We treated ourselves to a goodbye spa retreat at the end of the day....what a place!!!


Then a great final meal.....so far, France is our favorite country!

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Day 21 - GR10 ~ Flowers

sunny 21 °C

We both loved the Pyrenees mountains........very surprised by how many wild flowers, Heather and Blueberry bushes,s were still in full bloom on Oct 6th.


Oh and these sweet baby blue butterflies!


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Day 23 - France ~Spain~Lisbon Oct 7th

semi-overcast 16 °C

Finally Portugal for ....rice...chicken and tomatoes!

We took the car back to Lourdes then the train to Hayden France. From there we cabbed it to Irun ( three minute ride over the bridge to Spain). Once we arrived in Irun we really didn't know what to do next...we opted to take an overnight train to Lisbon. In hindsight we should have waited a day until we could get a sleeper but we went for it and boy did we pay for it the next day.
Side trip...once we arrived in Irun, we stopped at a cute little place for wine and food and meet a great guy from Tibet, Kumar. We has so much fun with him that I forgot my phone charger.

Good bye to Cauterets

Great Pyrenees memories!



Kumar ;o) We WILL meet again.

Railway ties make great seats - Hayden Stain Station in Spain - now on our way to Portugal.

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