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Day 3 Tour Day ~ Geyser

rain 11 °C
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Geyser's are so unique and really fun to see for the first time. It was soooo funny to be one of 60+ people all holding a camera and waiting....staring at this pool of water just waiting for it to BLOW!



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Day 3 Tour Day ~ Godafoss Waterfall

rain 9 °C
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I know we have Niagara Falls in all it's glory but this falls was totally amazing. The Godafoss is worth taking a closer look at on the net. Here is what I saw.


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Day 3 Tour Day ~ Greenhouse


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Today was a complete tour day. It was perfect as it took in most of the elements that represent Iceland.

We first visited a Greenhouse. This was so amazing since everything was so perfect for those tomato vines. The owners control the air, humidity, oxygen levels. They use the very best water and import bees in from Belgium to pollinate the blossoms. They serve homemade tomato soup to the tour....OMG it was sooo good!


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Day 4 Local Iceland Spa day ~~~ London

overcast 10 °C
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Tired and sore, we were tempted to treat ourselves to a luxurious spa day. It is early in this BIG DOOZIE so instead of spending 150.00 on one thing, which would but us over our 200.00 dollar a day budget, we decided to spend 6.00 and go to a local spa. Plus this is keeping with trying to go local whenever possible so we can lean and appreciate the culture. We're glad we did...it was so much fun!


Too hot Too cold Just right!

Gone to London!!!

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Day 5 London - Pub and NL connection

London and paper work!

semi-overcast 15 °C
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Hi there --- not much to report in on today. We actually slept in until noon!!! Yep.....We had a late night coming in from Iceland. The backpacks are sooo heavy.
The weather here is much warmer than Iceland and we are more than happy to bury our warmer cloths for more spring like stuff. This_phone.._Wi-Fi_Here.jpgPiccadilly_Circus.jpgMore_Piccidilly.jpg

Off to downtown London to find a perfect Pub!


Ending up at St James Tavern and this is what happened!!!!!!!!

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Day 6 Urban Hike London

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We decided today to just hike all day around the city!


We noticed at this pub most of the people stood outside and had their drinks. ;o) ?

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